Study in Germany for Indian students

Well, I would say that Germany is a great country for Indian students as not only that they offer you quality education at negligible cost but for paid programs also they charge very low tuition fee even lower than our Indian Universities and colleges. The biggest benefit is the 18 months of Post study Visa that you get after completion of your studies. If you are looking for a PHD after your masters so been a research oriented country the opportunities are abundant. Learn the language and your life is settled.

I can share an experience for one of my friend who is currently pursuing his MS in Mechanical from Hamburg in a German taught program, he has chosen German language program as you face less competition in terms of securing admission as the number of courses available in German language are way more than in English Language, and above all, post completion of your course you stand at par with natives with respect to internships and job opportunities.

I have got the impression that people often learn some part of language in India and rest in Germany to give themselves an added benefit to have basic communication skills before landing on German Land. But its recommended to learn only few basic levels in India and the intermediate is advisable to be learnt in Germany Itself.

He just took seven months to learn this language till the proficiency level which made his foundation strong enough for his German taught Course.

Few things Indian students should know about Germany:

  • They are very Punctual.
  • You are ill-treated if you are dumb. Germans like people who are highly intellectual. Germans are highly qualified and they believe that Indians are very hard working and smart.
  • Germans drink fizzy water. So ask for tap water or rather ask Water with no Gas. Advisable to carry bottle from home.

So in my view it is a good option to invest your time and money in a good course in germany according to your caliber.